Counterpart Vegan Recovery Effort

chef mimiTo all our beloved friends and supporters, we have made the incredibly difficult decision to close Counterpart Vegan. When I joined the kitchen last year, I never imagined becoming an owner and having my vision for the restaurant celebrated with such genuine love and support. We were able to create pure sustainable art that was comforting and familiar during an uncertain time and we will come back stronger than ever to cook for you again.

As the owner and executive chef, my team and I worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep our restaurant operating, our staff employed, and our community fed. Unfortunately, as is often the case in LA, what is good for the community and small businesses does not always matter to those in control of real estate, no matter how dire the circumstances are.

Counterpart Vegan’s story and journey does not end here. My hope is to reopen in a new location in Echo Park next year. My team surprised me with a link to a GoFundMe page to support our recovery effort, which I am sharing in our bio. This is a difficult time for everyone and so I pledge to return every donation if we are not able to reopen and if we do, I will return the generosity with a gift card that matches each person’s donation to be enjoyed at our new location. Even if you can’t donate, we appreciate you continuing to follow us and spread the word.

Lots of love,

Chef & Owner Mimi Williams and team